Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Vizcaya Image In LA Times Travel Section

It's often a bit of a surprise to find out where your images wind up. Taking a risk to publish your images on open forums is considered by many photographers to be a huge no-no. 

I have mixed feelings. 

By posting publicly, my stuff gets seen, but then the risk is that your images will be stolen, or used without compensation.

I uploaded a few of my Vizcaya images several years ago into Wikipedia. Wiki images are free to use, as long as you provide attributions. I was doing some google searches to see if any of my images had legs, and sure enough, the LA Times used one of my Vizcaya photos from Wikipedia in their travel section last September 2012. (See Article)

So, I made it to big league newspaper! 

Now I have exposure, but as much as I appreciate my work being out there, I really need some paying customers who appreciate me just as much. 


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